[December 24, 2018] Robin Zhao delivered an invited talk at the State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science in Wuhan University.

[October 24, 2018]
Harris Rabbani's paper on pore geometry control of apparent wetting in porous media is published in Scientific Reports (Read the paper). This work is a collaboration with Nima Shokri from the University of Manchester and Ruben Juanes from MIT.

[October 11, 2018] Bauyrzhan Primkulov's paper on quasi-static fluid-fluid displacement in porous media: invasion-percolation through a wetting transition, is published in Physical Review Fluids (Read the paper). This work is a collaboration between researchers from the University of Alberta, University of Oxford, and MIT.

[September 26, 2018]
Pranay Shrestha's paper on hydrophilic microporous layer coatings for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells is published in Journal of Power Sources (Read the paper). This work is a collaboration with the Thermofluids for energy and advanced materials lab at the University of Toronto.

[September 4, 2018] Robin Zhao joins the Department of Civil Engineering at McMaster University.

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